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Hi everyone guys! I am really excited to be finally online with a website done entirely by me. Who am I ? My name Is Emanuele Fittipaldi I am an Italian artist born In Salerno in 05/07/1994. I graduated from high school in Information technology , but right after I ended the school , i decided to finally embrace what I always knew I had to pursuit. Art. I’ve always had a pencil in my hand since I was a little boy, but I ‘ve never taken It too seriously since 18 years of age. When I was eighteen I decided to learn how to paint with oil paint , but I wasn’t ready for that. There were too much information to handle , and I soon felt overwhelmed by the amount of things that I was reading at that time, so I ended up using pencils instead. That was the beginning of my Hyperrealism period ( you can observe the works that I’ve produced in the homepage , under drawings), that lasted 3 years. That way of working got me unhappy very soon , because I needed to express myself more freely. It was at that point that I’ve decided finally to learn everything I could about oil painting techniques, that’s how I begun discovering all the Old masters (that afterwards became my idols) such as Raeburn,Hals,Velasquez,Sargent,Zorn… etc. Now I am  following  this  route, expressing all my feelings in a deeper way, trying to combine old masters knowledge of the medium , with a contemporary story , in a syncretism that might be appealing to the eye.

I decided to open this website because I didn’t have a place where to show my works and to create a community of my own,  and the desire of being able to share with someone every step I am making into this jungle called “art world ” finally made me take into consideriton to open a  Blog , which I ‘ve ended up building with much love and passion fro a couple of weeks now.

In this Blog I will cover anything that might be interesting for the art lover, from lessons, discussions on techniques , history of art and much more , in order to create a beautiful place , full of harmony where every artist can share Its personal ideas , making this blog a bible for artists , that anyone can browse , anytime , anywhere.




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