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Since I am predominantly a figurative artist, I am very used to work for a client that desire to be captured in a work of art that might be a legacy for future generations, beside being a good investiment too.

Why commission a Painting or a Drawing?

A painting or a drawing for instance, Is the pure human intelligence having fun. In the hand of a good artist, the finished artwork can capture the true essence of the sitter, enhancing It’s characteristics, in order to be recognisable and represent It at its best, capturing a moment that will thus last forever.

It is something to be proud of, a status symbol, not so many people can say to have a personal portrait by an accomplished artist hang on a wall at home, and It can be a good investiment for the future too, since Its value can only go up as the career of the artist blossom.

Kind of commissions I produce:

When it comes to commissione, I like to work with two different mediums: Graphite, and Oil paint, in order to provide a wide spectrum of creative choices  from with the client might pick and choose the best solution for Its budget and taste. Graphite works are generally less expensive because of nature of the material, but the cost of the finished artwork can raise according to the quantity of people present in the pictures, and the level of detail. Pictures done with oil paint have a slightly higher costs due to the cost of the materials, which are intrinsically expensive ( since I use only Artist top quality paint ).

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