Commission a Painting

The Value of a Painting Nowdays

The commissioning of Oil Paintings Is something that has a very long tradition. When the photography wasn’t invented yet It was the only way that a human benig could capture a moment of life, that could thus survive for the future generations, and that’s the main thing that lead us to understand better the history and the people who lived that times. Nowdays we seem to have the exact opposite problem. We are so overwhelmed by the amount of pictures of people and of things that we lost the meaning and the usefulness of an artwork. A painting Isn’t just a mere reproduction of a fact, It Is a true act of human intelligence and soul, so complex to explain that science doesn’t know, even nowdays where inspiration and creativity comes from. A painting, so can in a way be more real than the real thing itself because It can capture and thus fix on a canvas all the best characteristics that belong to the sitter , all seasoned with the artist taste and style. In other words an oil painting Is UNIQUE, one piece of a kind. And last but not the least,contrariwise other methods of painting , an oil painting if properly done can be very archival ( which means the ability to remain as It is for centuries), so It will be an  integral part of your family , raising It’s value as the  years  pass by  and  as the carreer of the artist blossom . If you aren’t a buiseness man or woman, and don’t you mind the economic factor at all , I understand, but It Is a good thing to know as well.

Painting on canvas or on wood:

I provide two kind of surfaces from which to choose when It comes to make a painting. Canvas or  wood. Canvas Is the best surface in my opinion because It allows the creations of many interesting effects, and , It Is alot lighter than the wood, definitely a thing to consider for lager works. Wood on the other hand Is heavier ,but more stable, and doesn’t have the texture on the canvas. That’s a very subjective, and It depends exclusively on your taste.