Commission a Drawing

Presentation of the artwork

I provide three different options to present the artwork once It is completed:

1) Glued to wood

2) Framed with protective glass

3) Only the artwork


Glued to wood

I’ve been using this technique for quite some time now because has a lot of advantages. It allows you to show the drawing without being forced to buy or make a custom frame for It(you can add It later  if you want by the way),and let you see the true depth of the darks present in the drawing. A glass has two main drawbacks, It makes the surface of the drawing reflecting more the environment where the drawing Is located, causing alot of ditracting reflections. The second drawback Is that , since the glass has an opacity and a color of it’s own , It alter the look of the drawing fading the darks which will appear a dark grey  and not true black and a little bit blue biased. the glue used in the proces of mouting of the paper Is absolutely archival which means that It’s meant to last centuries since there are no acids that might attack the paper and corroding the fibers. The wood Is prepared as well with coats of the same glue in order to protect It from moisture.

Framed with protective glass

I know that there are alot aficionados of the drawing shown in the classic way , that likes to have a nice frame with a protective glass. If you are one of these kind of people don’t warry, that’s how I framed my first drawings as well. It’s beautiful and very classic. In the order , select the kind of the frame that you would like me to mount on the finished artwork.

Only the arwork

If you want to have just the drawing alone without it glued to wood or framed, I can send It to you as well, rolled in a cardboard tube (If the work Is quite large) or between two hardboards in odred to protect it from folding.